About Steve

Steve Bernstein

Most writers don’t have a master plumber’s license and a master’s degree. SteveBernstein has both. But that ain’t all. Steve ran a bingo hall, taught disco dance and created an inner-city teen center. He is an animal rights activist, a special education teacher for teen moms and, now, an author.

In 2017, Steve self-published his first book,Stories from the Stoop. These seven true-life adventure stories describe his tumultuous childhood, growing up on the gritty streets of the Bronx in the 1960’s. The book highlights a time of racial tension, gangs and crime on the streets as well as chaos at home. The stories are told through the eyes of a young boy with honesty, warmth, humor and an abiding spirit of hope.

A funny thing happened when Steve began sharing Stories from the Stoop in presentations and workshops. Audiences ranging from senior citizens to incarcerated youth spontaneously turned to each other to share their own life stories. Using the book as a vehicle, Steve is inspiring others to experience the magic of sharing life stories. As a seventeen-year old mother of two, a high school dropout and self-admitted book-hater proudly announced during a workshop, “When I write my book, I’m gonna have chapters and pictures of my kids and I’m gonna tell all about everything, just like you did mister!”

You think this is tough? Try writing a book about your childhood. Fugettaboutit.

Me and my Schwinn Continental (“Freedom Ride,” Story #7)

What can I say? It was 1971.
No place like home.
I didn’t do it. Call my lawyer.
Downward Dogs
Who could ask for anything more?
Once a plumber, always a plumber.
Animal Activist on Wheels
It’s 1980. Who needs buttons?!