Valley Advocate, Northampton, MA, 2017
Amazon Reviews (Verified Purchases)
“Stories from the Stoop, a Bronx boy’s riveting coming-of-age tale, takes the reader on an engaging and unexpected ride. Excellent read.” 2019, Bidi
“I could not put this book down. I laughed, cried. . .  .” 2019, Annie 
“He shares humor and heartbreak beautifully without an ounce of schmaltz or self-pity.” 2019, Lora Lee
“A captivating ready from start to finish. This story is filled with colorful, vibrant and heartwarming characters that you’ll want to know better, I know I do. Steve Bernstein is a Master Storyteller.” 2019, Brenda
“I felt like I was right there with him experiencing everything together! Just an amazing now favorite book!!!” 2019, Dogwithoutabone

This book brought me to tears and to belly laughter!” 2018, Debra A. Licht

 “Well worth the read and opportunity to examine the things that have made the biggest difference in his and perhaps our own lives.” 2017, Bookworm1808 

“This book was magnificent. It ran the gamut of great sadness, calmness, warmness and happiness.” 2017, Ralph Levine